bug-sprayI’ve started to see more mosquitoes around town and it’s time to recall the two issues that we need to attend to mosquito bit prevention:  West Nile Virus and Chikungunya Virus

West Nile Virus is an infection we seen now every summer her in Phoenix.  It is an uncommon viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause meningitis and encephalitis (brain infection)

Although only 60-70 cases are seen in Phoenix each year, there are many more cases that fortunately remain minimally symptomatic, and thus are not identified.

Preventing the infection is the only real and effective therapy, so if you live in a part of The Valley that sees mosquito bites, do make efforts to use DEET containing mosquito repellants like OFF.

Recognize West Nile infection by its symptoms of:  Fever, aches, chills, associated with severe headache.  If you have concerns, please come in to be checked, but for now, take precautions to reduce your exposure to mosquitoes and use your repellants.


Chikungunya Virus has spread from the Caribbean region to Arizona due to mosquito bites from travelers.   This infection is characterized by high fever, severe joint pains, and rash…and the joint pains can linger for an extended period of time.  Treatment is symptomatic (symptom control only), and the best method is prevention by avoiding mosquito bites.    Although this year there are no cases reported, it was documented in Arizona in 2014 by the CDC.