The Amazing Cat Scanner

I remember vividly the when CT scanners that were first put in The Johns Hopkins Hospital back in the 80’s. There were something like 5 scanners put in all at once. They were revolutionary and they blew our minds. The tests yielded grainy images and took an hour or more to construct via computer. Image evaluation was just beginning as well, so often-time the findings were of unclear significance or meaning.

Nowadays, our scanners take and process the images in the matter of a few minutes for the entire body, the scanners are ubiquitous, and the imaging accuracy & understanding has massively improved. I have seen this revolution during my career and it continues to benefits us through diagnostics and treatment in innumerable ways.

There are so many facets to CAT scanning that are fascinating, from the history of the CT scan as it relates to the music group THE BEATLES and their record company EMI (Read >>>>HERE<<<), to seeing how a modern scanner works behind the scenes (View the Video >>>HERE<<<)

Among my fondest memories related to the CT scanning at Hopkins was seeing Dr. Elliott Fishman, one of the radiology residents, ‘live’ in the CT scanner as he did not want to miss any of the images that they generated. Through the vast experience he developed, I saw what it took to achieve excellence….commitment of time, passion of interest, and vastness of experience . Elliott shares his vast knowledge via the ultimate CT scanning website (>>>>HERE<<<<) and through his research that is helping create Artificial Intelligence in radiology imaging that will augment CAT scan interpretation in the present, and perhaps replace the need for the radiologist in the future.