Pillsslideshow13-3-3….THE WAY TO BE PAIN FREE….is a little rhyme to help you remember a simple way to take care of significant aches and pains that develop from injuries sustained by over-exertion or injury.  This refers to the dosing of Ibuprofen (Advil).

You take 3 tablets (200mg each…total of 600mg)…..

3 times per day……

for 3 days.

This is solid dosing of anti-inflammatory and in general, is a simple way to get sustained pain relief and inflammation treatment, so that significant injuries improve, pain is relieved, and function is restored.

Remember, if you continue on these medications longer, there are other issues to consider, including stomach irritation;  Longer-term, kidney concerns are on the list.  Read more about safety of anti-inflammatory medications in THE GUIDE, pages 112-113.