Active Forever is a great resource for medical equipment and assistive devices. They are just around the corner, on Desert Cove, but they are a national company with a range of useful products on the internet. Do take a look at what they offer


Why am I mentioning them now? Well…..just today I had a patient with leg weakness who is having increasing difficulty getting up from the toilet seat. She uses a JAZZY to get around (due to orthopedic issues) and has A problem:  her care-givers are developing back issues and cannot lift her from the commode.
TO THE RESCUE……. and the TUSH PUSH, an automatic toilet seat  that will gently lift you off the commode.
Between the internet allowing us to locate the device ‘real time’ and down the street…..we’re cooking with gas around here.Tush%20Push%20Toilet%20Lift