A recent study reviewed the charts of over 140,000 people and determined that there is no evidence of increased heart attack risk with ADD and ADHD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall.
This may seem like minor news, but it is a great reassurance. These medications are ‘stimulants’ and can have the effects similar to adrenaline, the natural hormone that the body makes for ‘flight of fight’ events. It has been presumed that such stimulation may have a negative effect on the heart, stressing it, and potentially causing an increased risk of heart attack.
Despite not knowing the definitive answer to this question, but presuming general safety, we have used these medications rather broadly without worry. Now, there is some very solid data to support that belief in safety.

So….if you are on one of these medications, this is good fodder to reassure you that you can do so safely and without concerns for your heart.
Your’s in good health…..Dr. Lakin