Caffeine, as a general rule, is a safe and effective stimulant, but recent questions have been raised about the safety of some energy drinks and supplements, as the FDA has raised warning signals about 5-Hour Energy & Monster Energy Drink.

The amount of caffeine in these products in not significantly out of line with other products such as Starbucks Coffee, so the issue at hand is a bit murky.  It may be how the liquids are being consumed, with what other beverages, and under what circumstances.

5 Hour Energy has 130 mg of caffeine, as compared to Monster which has 160mg.  This is less than a the 330mg in Starbucks Grande Coffee….by a longshot!

So…I would not go too far in worrying about these products when used appropriately, but perhaps in the hands of people who are drinking ‘shot after shot’ of the 5 Hour drink…they are clearly overdoing it.

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