stethascopeI always liked that saying about the canary.  Perhaps it wasn’t such a good job being the canary, but the idea of a simple measure to assess a situation is a great idea, and the latest information on diabetic patients gives us just such information.

Diabetic complications have fallen sharply over the past few decades, and this is due to progress in medicine.  Specifically it relates to reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.  There is some help from reduction in blood sugar, but the lion’s share of the reduced complications in diabetes are related to our ability to modify those aspects of diabetes that many of us share in common:  High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure.

The modern area (past 30 years) have seen the advent of an array of medications that have changed the health of America.  They are:  Cholesterol mediations (statins) and ACE Inhibitors (blood pressure medications that are good for heart and kidneys).

So, if you have any question about the benefits of these medication, any many people do, we can look at the population of diabetic patients.  They are the ‘canaries’ as they will be the first to show issues, and the data is clearcut….these medications are preventing illness, making lives better, and making them longer.

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