dreamstime_l_19265714OK….the phrase ‘Psychic bucks’ is a bit pretentious, but I just heard the term and found it interesting.  It was used in context by the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, in reference to what he gets paid for being the governor.

The State of California cut his pay a few years ago, and he just took it in stride as part of the overall budget deal, saying that it was OK with him, because he loved his job so much, he not only earned his salary, but he got paid in ‘Psychic bucks’….meaning, in non-material ways.

So….despite the somewhat curious locution, it think Psychic Bucks are the real deal.   Teachers, Firemen, Policemen, nurses….they get paid in Psychic Bucks, because the good work they do, to benefit others, provides them a benefit that cannot be measured by dollars alone.  Of course, I’m sure they’d like more ‘real bucks’…along with their ‘psychic bucks’, but I do think that psychic bucks are good for our health.    When you do good deeds, when you help someone else, you get your psychic bucks.

So…for good health….fill up your Psychic Bucks acccounts.  Go do something good for someone else…volunteer, or donate time or money…to earn those Psychic Bucks.   Perhaps next are ‘Health Bucks’….earned by people who are jobs that keep them fit….like an exercise trainer or yoga instructor.