The headlines about the meningitis outbreak related to tainted steroid injections has revealed concerns about the safety of medications ‘created’ by Compounding Pharmacies.  With over 13,000 people affected and already over 100 infected, I anticipate there will be over 100 deaths from this infected product.

This has made us all more concerned about medications created at these pharmacies.  As many of you know, I have been a strong supporter of Civic Center Pharmacy, the Apothecary Shop, Camelback Village Pharmacy, and Ranch Pharmacy.  These businesses have demonstrated long-term safety in my experience, specialty services not available through the Chain Pharmacies, and they provide a level of personalized service that provides an extra level of safety in that the pharmacists and staff know their clients personally.

I continue to support these businesses and have been in touch with them to confirm the safety of their products and have confirmed that they have had no significant issues with their products.   Our injectible medications are generally from national pharmaceutical firms, but we do get some injectibles from Compounding Pharmacies and we have confirmed the safety of these products.

Since there are ZERO cases of meningitis from tainted steroids in Arizona, none was distributed here, I would suggest we all try to be better consumers by asking questions about protocols that are used during procedures such as epidural and spinal injections.  Such caution seems appropriate in light of recent developments.