Dizziness is commonplace and when persistently bothersome or severe, leads patients to see the doctor or go to the emergency room.
I see approximately 2-3 people each week of the year with this complaint and fortunately it is rarely a sign of something serious.
A recent study of 30,000 patients with this symptom, who presented to the Emergency Room, found that very few people had anything serious wrong or developed serious issues over the ensuring several months.
This is consistent with my experience here in the office. Although vexing, dizziness rarely is a sign of something serious and treatment is generally supportive, with symptoms resolving spontaneously.
Treatment consists of Meclizine (medication for symptom relief) that can be obtained as a prescription or over-the-counter (Bonine is the product name.)
Beyond this, using head turning exercises can often be helpful.
For more information on this topic, you can read my write up in the PATIENT RESOURCES SECTION, in the Medical Library section under VERTIGO.

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