brainWhat is CRS? Well…it’s not a scientific term….it stands for “CAN’T REMEMBER SQUAT” …and is shorthand for the memory issues that develop as we get older.

Memory issues develop as young as 40 years-old, with the latest research showing that the 40+ brain is in decline as regards memory, and this is 10-20 years earlier than we previously thought.

With the conversation about dementia increasing with the aging of the population, the concerns about Alzheimer’s disease specifically, is becoming greater and there is an interest in educating the public about this condition.  As a result, efforts have been underway to identify patients with memory loss early to consider interventions in experimental studies.  Unfortunately, there are no medications for early memory loss, so the basics remain:  Good diet, Good exercise, and Good Habits (no smoking…to prevent strokes).

The latest article in the British Medical Journal calls into question the value of identifying patients with ‘CRS’ type memory issues early, as labeling individuals for memory loss may not be strongly associated with future issues of dementia.  Although we all remain concerned about this issue, it may be best to just ‘observe’ your memory and let things be, only  intervening with yourself or your loved-ones if the memory declines to a point of impairing day-to-day function.  Early identification may not provide benefit and may create more worry than help.