I am a big fan of the Warner Brothers cartoons.  Both the humor and insight in these cartoons often captures a concept perfectly, demonstrating that laughing at our challenges helps keep us humble and open. In the famous “One Froggy Evening” a Ralph Kramdenesque fellow discovers a singing frog and hopes to make big money on his find.  Unfortunately, things conspire against him along the way, with ‘bad timing’ the biggest of them all;  the frog just won’t perform on cue.  

This frog is not unlike symptoms that patients will describe to me.  No matter how hard we look, we cannot find a cause of explanation, but they remain steadfast in their convictions that something is ‘not right’.  They are having their own MICHIGAN J FROG experience unfortunately…but it’s up to the doctors to remember to keep their minds open so they can potentially see the hidden answer to the symptoms described.