business-suit-690048_640Wound dressings are important for getting the skin to heal properly, and there are a bunch of tricks to making this happen.

Among the most important tricks is getting the proper materials.  Below is a list of various materials that will make you a virtual wound professional, and a resource for family and friends.

Products to get for the pro:

HYPAFIX:  This tape sticks nicely to the skin but is easy to remove and doesn’t bother hairy skin that much.   Best to find at Amazon or medical supply stores.

COBAN:  This is a self-adhering elastic that is great for wrapping around an arm or leg area that needs to be covered.  It is easily removed, does not stick to the skin, and is available at your local pharmacy.

ADAPTIC:  This is a mesh that has a little vaseline ointment on it to prevent sticking.  Perfect for any skin tear or open area that rebleeds when you take the dressing off due to sticking…THIS WON”T STICK!

GAUZE:   Always important to have around for absorbing fluids that leak from an open wound, but make sure it’s not a problem that it sticks to the skins surfaces.  Sometimes you want things to stick, like when you have a wound that needs material removed from it.  Other times, it only causes bleeding and bother.

SILVER GEL OR SILVADENE CREAM:  Silver Gel is over the counter…while the cream is a prescription.  Both are good anti-infectives as they work using silver ions where are a natural antibacterial substance.  Gel or cream is important when you need to get a wound area to dry out.  Ointments, which are what Neosporin and Bacitracin area…..keep tissues moist and often that is not the ideal topical as we want things to dry out just a bit.

I have a list of materials and methods for wound coverings in THE GUIDE.  See the Dressings Section.   Get your GUIDE >>>> HERE<<<<