theracaneWhy do I say Exercise twice……because the first two lessons taught in Medical School at Hopkins were:#1 ….Never be afraid to repeat yourself….and #2 …Never by afraid to repeat yourself.

As you all know, my number one recommendation for good health is exercise.  In my book THE KEYS, I make exercise my first and number one priority.  In fact, rather than have 8 KEYS to health, I was going to make it 10 KEYS….with exercise being #1, #2, and #3….just to show how much I believe in exercise as the moar important of all habits for health.

Read the latest article in the Wall Street Journal showing that the latest prescription is for  exercise and that more doctors are turning to as a way to help their patients get healthier.

PS–Thanks Nancy for bringing this article to my attention.

PPS–Need help getting started with a safe exercise program….get in touch with Kelley Aungst…a super trainer for our older patients.