A recent study suggests that fosamax and other bone building medications (called bisphosphonates) have the ability to prevent colon cancer.
A 50% reduction was seen in patients on medication vs. those not taking these medications. The connection is unclear and there will be further study, but for now, it is encouraging to see some positive news about this group of medications.
Recently concerns have been raised about the long-term safety and benefits from the medications. Concerns have included problems with the esophagus (and esophageal cancer), reduced bone strength after many years or treatment, and issues with dental health (osteonecrosis of the jaw).
None of the issues are ‘deal-breakers’ as regards taking the medication, but it does indicate the need to be selective as to who is taking them. The benefits must be there. You need to know that your bones really do require some help with medication.
So….for now, there is some encouraging news about Fosamax and we will continue to monitor for more news (good and bad)

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