as seen on TVCRISPR is the code-word for a new and simple technique that allows editing of the genetic code in any living organism, even humans.  This  technique is about to revolutionize biology and that has many scientists worried about the potential for experimentation that will have profound effects on our species.  I spoke of Crispr in the Fall Newsletter, and now the leading medical scientists of the world have convened to attempt to provide general guidance for it’s use and to limit the potential for genetic manipulation of the humane genome that could have consequences for future generations.  Read more >>>HERE<<< to understand the revolution that is about to take place and which could rival the profound effects the discovery of nuclear fission has had on the world.  This is likely to have a much more profound effect than the ISIS crisis and other issues that grip the headlines every day.  Often, the most profound revolutions of the world enter on cat’s paws.