There will always be new comments and criticisms related to hormone therapy in women, but in the past few weeks several positive issues have developed with hormone therapy.

First, a large study of pre-term labor (early delivery) has shown definite benefits of topical progesterone hormone therapy in women with short cervix who are at risk for this issue. This is great news and with nearly 50% reductions in pre-term labor, and virtually no downside seen or envisioned, this treatment will become standard of care for this condition.

In addition, the WHI (Womens Health Initiative) continues to churn out new information and this time it is encouraging for women on estrogen alone (women who have had a hysterectomy).
In this group, estrogen alone was associated with reduced evidence of heart disease and breast cancer. This finding, although contrary to what is generally spoken of in the popular press, in that is focuses on the negatives of hormone therapy, clearly and consistently shows the safety of this approach.
Although many experts are refraining from calling for women to take estrogen alone (no progesterone) in the menopause, the data is very reassuring about the safety of this approach and suggests potential benefits.

So…if you are in your late 40’s/early 50’s and are have had a hysterectomy, hormone therapy with estrogen alone is safe and effective in maintaining health and promoting prevention of future issues.

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