google-76517_640Patients wonder what websites I like to use for information on medical topics.  Here are a few ways to search the web for information that is solid and helpful.

  1.   This is a great website for looking up physicians and finding their phone number and address.  In addition, you find out about their background and training.  I use it all the time for phone numbers and to get directions to a doctors office
  2. Search GOOGLE SCHOLAR    This is a subset of Google that achieves search results that are more geared towards hard science and legitimate information.  Just go to GOOGLE SCHOLAR and enter the medical topic you are interested in.  Some of this information may be to technical, but it’s all legitimate and much more valid than a general search.
  3. Try searching on GOOGLE or your favorite search engine, but include with your medical topic the terms:  NIH, MAYO, JOHNS HOPKINS    You will definitely get more consistent and legitimate information so that you avoid the ‘paid for’ websites that are often misleading.

The internet is great for information, but health information is being controlled in many ways by ‘paying’ sites and this information is very biased.  Stay on the more objective sites and you’ll get much better information.