MLakin72dpi125I’m saddened to say that my father, Dr. Mervyn Lakin, passed away on September 1st, at 80 years-old, in his home in Scottsdale.

He had struggled with lymphoma/leukemia for years and had been cared for and supported by so many of the medical professionals in our community, that his longevity was a testament to both his heartiness and great attitude, as well as the work of countless medical people in the Scottsdale community….with Dr’s Jay Friedman, Jeffrey Isaacs, and Scott Robertson at the lead.

Arriving in Scottsdale in 1975 with 20+ years of medical experience, he began a long and respected career as a practicing Internist, at the corner of Scottsdale and Lincoln Roads….right next to AJ’s Grocery, back in the days of AJ Bayless and the SuperX.    Renowned for his diagnostic prowess, his caring, and his efficient practice, he had, for many years, been the northernmost doctor’s office in Scottsdale, and as a result he was not only the doctor for the Town of Paradise Valley Police Department, but also to many of the people who lived in Carefree in that era.

Respected for his integrity and knowledge, he was beloved by his patients and sought out by his colleagues to both assist in their patient’s care and in their own personal care as well.  A ‘Doctor’s Doctor’, his reputation in Arizona and Michigan was unimpeachable and when he finished practicing in 1991 due to his heart condition (active at that time), he was remembered as a scholarly physician who practiced at the highest levels of his profession.

He is survived by my mother Lorraine, myself and my two brothers (Harry & Martin), three daughters-in-law (Brigid, Rachel, Carol), and seven grandchildren (Sam, Carlie, Brian, Brett, Eric, Sydney, and Mallory).

His final days were spent surrounded by his loving family and he was cared for by an outstanding group of nurses and aides from Celestial Care , as well as the professionals at Hospice of the Valley.