KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid….and to control the symptoms of your cold/upper respiratory infection, we need to focus on the following limited list.  I have picked special products for each set of associated symptoms;  you can use something else if you like, but this simple list will help you make a quick pit stop at the pharmacy and then back home to your bed to rest and drink liquids.

Aches/Pain/Fever….use Advil

Congestion & Drainage….Use Sudafed 30mg (little red pill that is kept behind the cash register at the pharmacy.  The pharmacist has to get if for you.) &/or Chlorpheniramine (a drying antihistamine that goes by various names….Walfinate (at Walgreens), Chlortrimeton Allergy, or Coricidin HBP (the priciest version)

Cough….use Robitussin DM or Delsym  (plus the congestion medications will help reduce cough by reducing drainage)