rainbow4Larry Q (name changed) is a patient of mine who told me a funny story.  A group of his buddies always chided him about being the most healthy one in their tennis group.  Well into his 80’s, he required no medication.  Larry was not a medical miracle, rather he was just a nice guy who had good genes and good habits in general, and perhaps a lucky streak.  Whatever it was, Larry needed nothing but three squares to keep in running strong.

Larry was much different than his other buddies, who had all had their run-ins with serious medical conditions.  Each of them, to a man, required some life-saving treatment, procedure, or surgery over the past several years.  Observing this difference….Larry’s friend said one day:  You know Larry, if it wasn’t for modern medicine, Larry Q would be sitting here all alone.

Unlike other aspects of our modern world:  There are no ‘good old days’ in medicine… is just much better than back then.