Latest excitement about medications and dementia

A patient emailed me:

Hi Doc,

Should I be concerned and switch my anti-depressant since it’s on the list of medications potentially causing dementia?  I tried other medications in the past but they didn’t work as well & I felt awful and went back to Paxil.  I’ve been on it for 18 yrs now, so maybe it’s too late. 

Good news…I found my car keys and know where they go🚗


I responded:

This is not a major concern…..there is a ‘questionable’ association…..but no proof of connection.

All medications have different kinds of ‘questionable’ statistical  associations of different sorts….Advil/Aleve…..with stroke/heart attack…..……aspirin….with bleeding issues. The list is endless.

This is a ‘sexy’ topic…so it gets quite the attention, but the over-riding focus should be on the definitive benefits you are getting now.  If they are definite in your mind, then you should continue to stay on the medication unless we hear clear-cut evidence.


PS…Driving your car is 10,000 times more risky then your medications.