windyThe new E- cigarettes use a vaporization technique with water to deliver nicotine and flavored substances without smoke.  It sounds like a good idea in ways:  eliminate the over 1000 chemicals in smoke and you will prevent lung cancer and other lung injuries.  But it’s not clear just how safe these E-cigarettes are.

I actually tried a few puffs of one of these devices at the mall to experience what it feels like.  It’s an interesting sensation, and I can see why it appeals to people how like the habit of smoking, but I also got a sense of the flavor (watermelon) and it made me wonder about the chemical that is the flavoring material and what that does to lung tissue.  It seems to me very unclear that this is safe and perhaps it will have an irritative effect on lung tissue and bronchial tissue, and perhaps could even cause a ‘unique’ type of damage that will result in unusual types of lung disease.

It is to be seen how safe this form of inhaled nicotine is, but my best is that it is causing lung issues of a unique type and that this will become apparent with more time.  Unfortunately, the pioneers of this type of smoking will find out about these injuries first.