Portillo's_Hot_Dogs_(Elk_Grove_Village,_Illinois)_sign_002_cropI often have patients who report sore tissues in the mouth such that eating and swallowing is a very painful experience, so much so that they stop eating almost completely and just drink liquids.

In this situation, I have a few additions to suggest beyond using supplements like Ensure or Boost.  These include:
Watermelon….very soothing.  It’s consistency is very appealing for patients with this issue

Strawberry Shortcake from Portillos.  Yes…PORTILLOS specifically, because it is so delicious, so calorie-filled, and so soft to eat.  It goes down smooth!

Plain Yogurt Soaks.  I recommend patients just put plain yogurt in their mouth and let it sit there for a while….then they can either swallow it or spit it out.  Either way, the casein protein in the dairy of yogurt, and the smooth texture, is very comforting to the tissues.

In addition to the above, there is a compounded medication called “MAGIC MOUTHWASH”.  You can get this at any of the formulating pharmacies in the area.  It is made of various medications depending on the formula that the pharmacy employs (FIND A LIST >>>>HERE<<<) and it is very comforting to the tender tissues.