charlie chapMultitasking is a common feature of modern life…and I must admit that I am guilty of it at times…perhaps too often.  It is an interesting phenomenon that I felt I understood…until I came across the research of Clifford Nass on this topic.

Clifford’s obituary in the New York Times is what brought his research to my attention, and I think his findings and analysis are worth hearing to those of use enamored with computers, cells phones, and the internet.  Although we are gaining things through these media interactions, we are also losing something…..and it’s important to clearly recognize that this is happening.

Among the most profound findings from his research are that ‘multitaskers’……are not good at multitasking….even if they go it all the time.   This disturbing realization is important to recognize, as we are deluding ourselves if we think we are developing a skill, when in fact, we are more than likely losing skills in the process.

Read more about this fascinating topic in Clifford’s obituary or watch his TED TALK on his research.

Clifford Nass, Stanford Professor, NYTIMES