climbing-1139016_1280Although most of us would envy such a concern, gaining weight can be an important issue when you are recovering from illness.  Having a variety of options of high calories foods and supplements is helpful.

Along with Debra Landau-West, M.S., Registered Dietitian, we have developed a nice list of weight gainers to try.  You can find it in our on-line book THE DIETS  ….CLICK >>>>HERE<<< for your copy.

Of course, when someone says to pick up a supplement, the first one mentioned is ENSURE.  This is the original calorie supplement product for older patients and is now being promoted more broadly as they have a variety of different products.  Ensure ENLIVE and Ensure PLUS, are there two highest calorie offerings.  You can read more about them at

Also, to super-charge your ENSURE, pick up some home-made recipes >>>HERE<<<<