That’s the attitude…..the one you need when you confront a difficult medical issue.  Sometimes you will  be told that something cannot be done or fixed, but you need to push on and find the resources to help you through.  Winston had it right.

Recently I had a patient with a small stroke that affected the occipital lobe of here brain, the area in the back of the brain that processes visual information.  It caused a loss of vision on the right side of her visual field in both eyes.  Her eyes were perfectly fine (the cameras are AOK), but her processing area was affected and this was the basis for her symptoms.

Although there is no immediate cure for this brain injury, strokes heal with time, she has found resources for vision rehabilitation.  Some doctors told her to just give it time and let it come along (which it will), but she wants to do all she can to improve her situation and she found resources that I had not previously heard of.  The Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association has practitioners here in Phoenix who can help her improve her vision and do all she can to hasten the healing process.

When we work together, encouraging each other, we find the will to carry on (that was Churchill’s great insight), and we find support and help that we did not now was available.