moonPaul Davies is an ASU physics professor and an expert in astrobiology (the potential formation of life on distant planets).  If an ALIEN comes to visit our world, it is said that Davies will be among the first scientists contacted to interact with them (far fetched….yes….but this is actually the case.)

His latest foray into biology was published in PHYSICS WORLD and he, along with another Autralian researcher, suggests that the origins of cancer date back to the development and evolution of life itself.   He proposes that cancer is an ‘ancient’ genetic code that all cells have within them, which lays dormant, and is activated by various factors, connecting these genes to man’s evolutionary origin and embryology (embryo development) to the production of cancerous cells.

Additional research is proposed to check for this potential connection and if found, could have a profound effect on the direction of future cancer research.

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