BALLOON GUYSWith the recent announcement of the death of Seamus Heaney (Nobel-winning poet), I discovered his works and started checking for more poetry on the internet, rediscovering the pleasure of this writing form, once again.  I think we can all remember a time in the past when a poem meant something to us, and can recall it now, if not in detail, at least the idea that this poem was important to use in some way.

I am not a sophisticated reader myself, so finding poetry that is approachable and understandable on it’s first reading is the kind I most enjoy.
Using poetry to help us express and understand our emotions and thoughts is just another way to keep our minds open, fresh, and engaged. I encourage you to find some poetry you enjoy, or rediscover some from you past.

Here is one from Seamus Heaney (recently deceased Nobel Prize winner)….showing the power to express emotions….a time….a place.
The Mid-Term Break
and another much-lighter one by Billy Collins, (former official Poet Laureate of the U.S)
….A Video of Hippos On Holiday (Start at the 20 minute mark to have Billy read it for you)

If you want to find that poem you remember, look here:POEMHUNTER.COM