Many patients have heard me refer to Dr. Raj Singh as the best single doctor in Arizona.  Why is that?
Well, Raj, a neurologist specializing in rehabilitation,  embodies all of the attributes of the ideal physician.

1.  Humanity:  Raj is beloved by his patients because he has a natural empathy and an ability to communicate his emotional connection to the patient, even upon the first visit to his office.  When you see Raj, you know he cares about you as an individual.

2.  Vast Experience.   Like the Farmer’s Insurance commercial,  Raj “knows a thing or two because he’s  seen a thing or two. ” 

Having been among the first neurologists in the country to work in the rehabilitation space, his depth of knowledge is fed by a well-spring of personal interactions with patients.

3.  Excellent Judgement:   Will Rodger’s understood how this develops.  He famously said:  Good judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.

I’ve never seen bad judgement from Raj, but I wasn’t there in the early days on the wards as he gathered his experiences.  Now, in the latter half of his career, his medical judgement is incomparable.  He can see the arc of a patients medical condition and extend that vision into the future, to lead them to proper approaches for them as an individual.

4.  Innate  Intelligence.   He’s quite brilliant…that is the sine qua non.

Raj is a medical hero.  Like many unsung heroes he is worthy of our admiration and recognition.

You can read all the official information on Raj at the Barrow’s website >>>HERE<<<