shopping-cart-1269166_1280I have a lot of patients who are dealing with some balance issues and this limits their ability to be active.  As a result, this leads to more inactivity and even worse balance.  But one of this comments they routinely make when I ask about it, is how they fair at the grocery store.  I’m particularly interested in how well they walk when they have the support of a grocery cart.

Often-times they will report being quite capable of walking longer distances on the smooth surface of the grocery store, with a cart assisting their balance and mobility.  So why not try doing that with some regularity.  If you are having balance issue and are becoming increasingly inactive, get out to your BIG BOX STORE…Wal-Mart, Target or your grocery, and use that shopping cart and take it for a walk.  If you do this regularly….it will help keep you in shape and will improve your balance and strength.