sprout-pill_custom-1dd00605e426667707a9810b71fde0464a65a194-s900-c85SSE (Satisfying Sexual Experience) is the latest acronym to arise from the research on the new medication, ADDYI, from Sprout Pharmaceuticals.  This ‘female version of Viagra’ was just approved by the FDA and provides improved sexual interest and responsiveness for premenopausal woman who need help with sexual desire and response.

Although this medication has potential, the side effect profile, and need for daily medication, and need to avoid alcohol use while on the medication, makes it of questionable value and safety, but it’s certain to raise interest.  Will it be a boon to women’s sexuality, it is difficult to say.

In the studies, taking ADDY daily for 1 month results in one additional SSE per month.  The pro’s and con’s of that tradeoff need to be made by each woman who considers this medication, and for the men who care for their well being and happiness.