Despite this, there is a grass-roots effort to discredit these medications based on the concerns that they cause a multiplicity of side effects including dementia most importantly.

These has been very little signal among users that these issues are developing, and to add to the scientific understanding, the American Heart Association undertook an extensive review of the literature to reassure that these medication have an overall excellent safety profile.

Statin medications are among the great discoveries of the last century, and have had a strong impact in reducing heart attack and stroke risk in the US.

This report confirm the excellent safety record of statin medications and is consistent with my experience. These medications are safe, effective, and rarely cause side effects of concern.

Don’t miss out on one of the great inventions of the 20th Century. If you decide to avoid them…perhaps you should toss out your computer, cell phone, and the internet as well. Join the future of those who believe in the science….statins are safe and effective.

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