When I was a kid I used to read a series of books called the Destroyer. In it, a super-spy, Remo Williams, would use ancient martial arts to protect the United States as part of a secret organization called CURE. Sure….sounds like something a kid would enjoy, but I was remembering one of the names of the books in this series, Brain Drain, when I started looking into brain ‘gymnastics’ to recommend for patients who want help with memory and concentration.
Physical activity is the number one preventive measure we can each take to enhance our mental capacity as we age. Exercise is the single most important method for maintaining the brain, but second comes mental activities, including puzzling, game playing, etc…
Now, there are new services that are tapping into the growing trend and interest. is one such site and worth taking a look at.
Also, in Scottsdale, is Excel Brain Gym. This new service provides the additional personal service to assist you with memory enhancement.
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