Here you can see Elvis is TCB ‘mode’ with President Nixon.  For those of you who are not familiar, TCB in Elvis-speak stands for Taking Care of Business.

In Doctor Doug-speak, TCB stands for Taking Care of your Bottom…and there are many products that are helpful in taking care of irritation and moisture in the nether regions.  To be an expert at TCB you need the right tools, and below is a list for the Pro.

MOLLICARE SUPER PLUS:  This the adult undergarment made famous in the  SLATE GEEZER ISSUE, this undergarment is the most absorbant and comfortable of any undergarment available.   It’s virtuallyimpossible to soak through this one!  In addition, patients have pointed to a competitor they find equally absorbent, TRANQUILITY UNDERGARMENT PULL-UPS.


DESITIN:   This original Zinc Oxide containing skin paste has been around for decades and is vital in the care of baby bottoms throughout the country, but it’s also useful for simple irritation down below.

CALMOSEPTINE: This is an ointments that is a little bit better then Desitin, providing relief to irritation and prevention of sores from developing into further issues like pressure ulcers.

Really Thick Butt Paste:   For a sore bottom (severe) or sores on the bottom with developing skin breakdown, this is a great product.  It protects against excessive moisture and keeps the skin stronger and intact.

Baza Moisture Barrier Antifungal Cream:  If skin is moist and causing irritation and breakdwon, as well as some associated skin redness that may be related to yeast or fungus, this is a good product to consider, particularly if the area will remain moist despite all efforts.

MICRO-GUARD POWDER ANTIFUNGAL (OTC) or NYSTATIN POWDER (PRESCRIPTION):   If redness develops in the creases of the skin, it is important to create a dry environment as best you can and to use antifungal/yeast powder.  Both of these products will do the trick.  These products are best applied after you have cleaned the areas involved with a gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil liquid cleanser) and the have used a hair blower to completely dry the area.  Only then do you apply this powder to ‘finish the job’.


INTERDRY:   This is the last act of the desperate…but it works great.  If you have a crease of skin that is red and moist and just remains irritated, use this cloth that is impregnated with silver ions.  You cut off a piece from the large roll, insert it into the crease of skin with a 2 inch flap hanging out of the area, and it drys the area by wicking away moisture, while the same time treating the infections with a topical layer of silver ions.  Magic!

For more instructions on Taking Care of your Bottom….see THE GUIDE MINIBUK….SECTION TITLED TCB!