batonPrilosec and similar medications are potent  acid suppressors, and in so doing they are superb at preventing ulcers and esophagus irritation.  Due to their potency questions have been raised about their long-term safety, despite a superb 30 year track record.

I am confident in their safety and am a proponent of their long-term use for patients who require symptomatic relief or long-term protection.  A recent study looked at the safety of these medications in esophagus cancer and found that they provide protection from that disease as well.  Although they only reduced the risk of cancer by 7%, it was greatly reassuring that there was no ‘increased risk’ of cancer, as some researchers had postulated.

So….PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors) remains a safe, long-term option.  Continue your medication, if you need, with confidence.