VITRUVIAN MANRemember “Hans and Franz?”…from Saturday Night Live.   Two muscle-heads who want to ‘PUMP YOU UP’

Well….this was just the start of the hormone craze that has had a wide-range of influences in society, from Major League Baseball scandals, to issues in the local High School locker-rooms, and with the expanding advertising during football season for testosterone supplements, the issue is growing more influential.

A recent study from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) has questioned the heart safety of testosterone supplementation, when some initial reports showed a 30% increased in heart risk for patients with heart disease taking testosterone supplementation.  The men without hormone, had a 20% change of heart issues developing over a six year time-frame, but those on testosterone had a 26% incidence.  A total of 6% more or 30% greater (statistics…!)

Although a study of interest and not conclusive as an indictment of testosterone, it does raise the question of the potential side-effects of this type of therapy and that this should also come into consideration when you are deciding if testosterone is something you want to manipulate.

More will be developing on this topic, and to hear some information from a urologist on this topic, see my video interview with Dr. Bernie Gburek.  Start at minute 34 if you want to see him discuss testosterone therapy….HERE IS THE LINK