spicy-835393_640This is a great question…..unfortunately, I don’t have a great answer for you.  With all of us considering new year’s resolutions to eat better & lose weight,  we are all wondering how to approach our new diet.  As this recent video from the New York Times indicates…the science of healthy diet remains confused and obscure.

Even though we are unsure what to recommend, there are some simple guidelines to consider:

  1. Watch your portion sizes and try to reduce them.  Particularly for fatty or sugary foods.
  2. More fresh fruits and vegetables…this is generally a good idea.
  3. Using some of the foods from the Mediterranean Diet….olive oil, cheeses, fish…are done in moderation are a reasonable consideration.
  4. Reduce sugars and refined carbohydrate portions.

Unfortunately, in 2016 there will not be an answer to ‘what should I eat’, but perhaps the simple guidelines above are of some help.