muscles flexAs we age, we are more prone to falling, and preventing such falls is a key to maintaining good health.

A recent series of articles in the NY TIMES Health Section, discussed the various contributors to falling as we get older, with the most important being weaker legs and poorer balance (medications….that lower blood pressure too much…or ones that make us ‘less sharp’ are the other major concern.)

The best way to prevent falling is to strengthen your legs and work on balance.

Just a few simple daily exercises will make a big difference.  Take a look >>>>>HERE for BALANCE EXERCISES.   Standing on one foot for a few seconds, while you hold onto the kitchen table with one hand, is just one of the simple ways to make a big difference in your balance.

As for building muscles up, HERE ARE SIMPLE EXERCISES that you can do each day, and these will strengthen both arms and legs and keep you fit and out of the Emergency Room.