aspirinsRecommendation:  Buy a bottle of 100 Coated Baby (81mg) Aspirin…and take that bottle over a years time.


Aspirin is a wonder drug of sorts and has had positive effects in thinning the blood and preventing heart attack and stroke, however, due to the potential for increased bleeding these positive effects are balanced by the negative ones and many people feel aspirin should be used more cautiously.

That said, the evidence of the cancer preventing properties of aspirin are becoming more evident, and when added to the heart protection profile, this suggests an overall benefit to aspirin use.

The latest study of advanced prostate cancer shows that aspirin use, three times per week, reduced the chances of a many dying from advanced prostate cancer by over 20%.  It did not reduce the chance of getting it…but rather the impact the cancer had on the patient.  Read more>>>>HERE<<<<

So….along with the colon cancer, breast cancer, and now prostate cancer data we have a good reason to consider aspirin if you do not have a reason that contraindicates it’s use.