dreamstime_l_3003410I’m not a big shopper….but I do love a bargain. Probably comes from traipsing around with my mom when I was a kid, or now with my kids when they are shopping. If it’s a sale item it looks so much better!
I’ve told you all before about shopping for best prices at Costco through their price-checker website, but one item that was always expensive was insulin….but lo-and-behold my buddy, Dr. Howard Baum, the endocrinologist from Vanderbilt, showed me that Wal-Mart has inexpensive diabetes products, including inexpensive insulin manufactured by Novo-Nordisk.  The insulin is called RELION.

They do not carry Lantus or Levimir, the once daily insulins, but they carry other fine versions of insulins including N, 70/30, and Regular.  These can be used if you need a lot of insulin and need to save $$$s.

If you are paying cash for your diabetic supplies, we’ll talk about trying the Relion products.  They are about 10% of the current insulin prices.  (Thank you Wal-Mart!!! ….this is a feather in their cap)