Coumadin may be a thing of the past….but not just yet.
A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, looked at Apixaban (a medication like Pradaxa…the new Coumadin replacement).
The new Coumadin-replacement was superior to aspirin in preventing stroke, and had a similar safety profile after 1 year of study in 5000 patients.
This medication will likely replace Coumadin as it will not require monitoring of blood levels, but the fact still remains that there is no ‘antidote’ for Pradaxa, while Coumadin has 2 antidotes (Vitamin K and plasma)
As a result, I am suggesting that patients continue to wait on the data, before switching away from Coumadin. Safety will be a major consideration, beyond convenience.
So…..don’t close the buggy whip factory just yet. Coumadin will be around for a while, but should Pradaxa prove safe (it is certainly effective)…..we’ll say good-bye to Coumadin and all that money that goes to University of Wisconsin (WARFARIN….Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation)

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