Poop_Pills_Gasp_t653C diff (Clostridium Difficile) is an intestinal infection that arises from overgrowth of this type of bacteria that crowds out the normal gut flora.  It occurs often after a person is treated with strong antibiotics that ‘wipe out’ their normal gut bacteria.

C diff results in severe diarrhea that is debilitating, particularly as it occurs as a complication of patients who are already receiving treatment for a serious medication condition….which is why they are on antibiotics in the first place.

There are many standard treatments for this condition,  but this article in the news from the LAS VEGAS SUN sheds new light on treatments that are coming soon.

Beyond ‘poop transplants, to repopulate the gut with normal bacteria, two other tricks to try right now….

Vancomycin liquid from a formulating pharmacy.  The cost of this medication is very inexpensive, compared to the pills from the chain pharmacy, where the costs are in the 100’s of dollars

Florastor probiotic.  This type of yeast, available at any Grocery/Pharmacy has the potential to prevent C diff by competing with it in your intestines.  Taken as a pill once daily it can be very effective.