CostcoThe internet is great for finding a bargain.   It has led to transparency of pricing in so many areas of commerce, but one area that is going backwards in this regard is in using the internet to find out pharmaceutical medication pricing.

Used to be that I would just go to and I could find out the pricing of virtually all medications that I prescribe, but then about two years ago, they took down this option.  When that happened, I searched for other sources and the best one to use for the  past two years is at the COSTCO website…but they recently changed the location for that information.   Now, you can find COSTCO pricing for medications >>>>>>HERE<<<<<<

Another alternative is  Unfortunately, this website is inscrutible at times, using generic pricing, couponing, and other variations in the pricing information so that you can’t be sure exactly what is going on and how much a script will cost.

So, when you are looking for the actual costs for your medications, to make a purchasing decision, check out the above websites so you are armed with information before you shop.  Prices can vary greatly from pharmacy to pharmacy, and knowing general costs ahead of time can really save you money.