doctor-googleI love Google and use it all the time when I search the internet, but Doctor Google is different.  Doctor Google  is great for my business.  Why?  Because invariably, when patients ‘google’ their symptoms they come up with many serious possibilities that scare them, and have them coming into the office to be checked out and reassured.

Now, it’s not that I’m looking for business, but the nature of most google searches is flawed on some level, and it takes your knowledge and ability to winnow through the information and sites provided to get the real information you are looking for.   But in the instance of medical issues, it is often the case that patients are unable to make distinctions of good, bad, and useful information…so they are given the impression that many serious alternatives are likely explanations for their symptoms, when in fact, these are statistically very unlikely possibilities and are, for all practical considerations, virtually impossible.

I recommend you do not ‘google’ symptoms, but rather go do sites that are legitimate sources of information.  They may not be ‘sexy’ or come to the top of your search list, but they will provide valid information.

The sites include:


Mayo Clinic

Web MD


In fact, if you choose to ‘google’ your symptoms or medical concern, I recommend you put the word MAYO or the initials NIH in the search list to get information that is valid

So…instead of googling ‘NECK PAIN’…..I would have you enter the search terms ‘NECK PAIN MAYO’ or ‘NECK PAIN NIH’.  This way you are sure to get more reasonable search results up front.

Don’t let DOCTOR GOOGLE get you all worried.