dreamstime_l_5740056That simple admonition, best captures my sense of the ‘science’ of diet and how to eat properly for your health.    There are advocates for every  type of diet….low calorie, low fat, low sugar.  All have their advocates and their detractors, and all have some supportive research as backing, but there will be NO definitive answer to this question.

A recent study cited in the NY Times was brought to my attention by a patient, and this study showed that saturated fats, long the villian of the American diet, have now been given some cover.    In a article in the ANNALS OF INTERNAL MEDICINE  >>>HERE<<<   did not find an association between heart disease and saturated fat consumption, nor did they find a reduced level of heart disease in those who has unsaturated or monounsaturated fats.

While this is good news for those of use who like our burgers, it just shows that the complex connection between diet and health is so multifaceted, that eating with moderation, both those items claimed to be ‘healthy’ and those unhealthy, will likely yield a fine, and long life.   Keep your processed foods to a minimum, eat appropriate portions, exercise (don’t forget that….#1 KEYS recommendation), and keep your weight from ballooning and you’ll stay healthy.