jules steinHaving trained at Johns Hopkins, I know what it is like to be at an institution that draws people from around the world.  Sometimes, they would get exactly what they expected….a world class diagnosis and treatment that could be obtained nowhere else.  Other times, they were told to return home and begin the treatment suggested by their own doctors, as they were already informed about the latest and greatest treatment for their condition, and it is easier to get that treatment close to home.

As a result of this experience, I fully realize that there are levels of expertise that are required in certain situations and that this can only be provided at the best facilities in the world.   That is why I occasionally recommend the JULES STEIN EYE INSTITUTE to patients for a second opinion for their eye condition.  A mere hours flight away, this world class institution can provide diagnostic and treatment alternatives that are second to none.  If had patients told there is no more to be done to help their vision, only to find out that JULES STEIN offers a valid treatment.

If your eye conditions requires a world class opinion, remember THE JULES STEIN EYE INSTITUTE….information for an appointment is >>>>HERE<<<<.    We are ready to assist you with such an appointment if you need.