brain danceMemory concerns are common as we age, and I talk to several people every day about what they can do to improve their memory.

The list is simple:

1.  Exercise regularly.  It turns out that exercise is the single most important method for improving memory.  Increased blood flow provides improved cerebral circulation and stimulation.   Daily walks are great and some vigor, for 30 minutes three times per week, is advisable.  Even more is better.

2.  Mental exercise.  Any interaction that helps keep the mind stimulated is helpful.  Conversations, game-playing, computer gaming, or other social activities are helpful.  Puzzling and reading are also good.  TV watching is a poor substitute, but not without some benefits.

3.  Three square meals a day.  Keeping energy and glucose ‘at the ready’ is important for brain function.  The more balanced the diet, the better the brain functions.

4.  Supplements are a consideration, including B-complex and Vitamin E.   Exact dosages are uncertain, but routine B-complex vitamin is fine, with Methyl Protect, from Zymogen, being my favored B-supplement.  Vitamin E, from 1000-2000 units daily, can also be helpful per the latest studies