I always liked the phrase I wrote as the headline for this article…..but am not really sure what it means. The visual it evokes is a bit disturbing.
Nonetheless, an editorial in the NY Times today focuses on concerns about the next epidemic that could become a concern:

It turns out that several of my recent blog articles have focused on the topic of epidemics, or at least alluded to them.  The one on  Hantavirus, at Yosemite

The one on the rare flu strain from the Midwest…ain-in-midwest/

These infections are themselves a topic of interest, but more so in what they tell us about the dangers that lurk in small outbreaks of virus and what they say about potential disasters and how to control them.

There is no specific infection  on the horizon for our concern right now, but at some point, we will see issues develop and it’s important to be aware  at the start.  Knowledge is power when it comes to potential epidemics.