Keeping steady on your feet is critical for maintaining health, as falls lead to injuries or fractures that can result in prolonged rehabilitation.  Prevention is the best approach and here are several tips to help.

  1.  If you are falling too much, come see me and let’s figure out why this is happening.  We can evaluate you and perhaps engage in a physical therapy program to prevent future issues.
  2. Strengthen your legs through walking or other exercise at the gym to keep your muscles in top shape.  This is probably the most important thing you can do for yourself.
  3. Make sure your vision is in good shape.  Watch out for multi-focal lenses that can impair depth perception
  4. Wear sturdy shoes, even in the house.  Nothing soft that can make you more prone to slip.
  5. Look for home hazards.   Rugs or cords are classic trouble-makers.  Move them and avoid tripping unnecessarily.  Also, make sure the lighting in your home is good and bright to provide great visual cues.

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